To Unify and Empower Audiology

Alpaca Audiology is a Negotiating Network designed to protect the profession and future of Audiology.  It was formed with the belief that clinics and their respective patients would benefit from collective purchasing power.  By uniting, members of Alpaca have created the ability to obtain bottom line pricing while maintaining personal and professional integrity.

Many manufacturers or buying groups require a clinic to sign unit commitments and/or exclusivity agreements.  Alpaca Audiology believes our members should not compromise their ethical standards in order to obtain competitive pricing.

Therefore, membership in Alpaca is free!  There are NO dues, NO unit commitments, and NO contractual obligations!

Alpaca Audiology has partnerships with Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Signia, and Widex.  We also provide discounts for key equipment providers and industry leading experts in business development, marketing, and strategic planning.  Members can utilize any or all of our manufacturing and industry partners.





Why Alpaca

Every day we “fight” hearing loss in order to make a difference. That same fight needs to continue outside of the clinic. We need to negotiate hearing aid contracts collectively…

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Negotiating Network

Through Alpaca’s negotiating network model, each member contributes to the overall collective; which ensures and protects the profitability of individual clinics.

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Manufacturer Partners


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Membership in Alpaca Audiology Includes:

  • Substantial savings on Phonak, ReSound, Starkey and Widex products and accessories
  • Discounts for key equipment providers and industry leading experts in business development, marketing and strategic planning.
  • Free Slim Tubing, Wax Traps and Domes
  • Account numbers, sales representatives, ordering processes and invoicing will all remain direct with our manufacturing and industry partners.
  • Special Warranties
  • Battery Discounts (PowerOne & Rayovac)
  • Revolving quarterly promotions with manufacturing and vendor partners.
  • Membership to a growing industry focused negotiating network.  As more purchasing influence is obtained, Alpaca Audiology will negotiate further discounts and benefits for its members
  • A simple and easy process to join. For those with existing Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Signia and/or Widex accounts, all that is needed is the completion of a one-page release form to join Alpaca