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We have an opportunity!  If we start to work smarter together instead of harder individually, we have a chance to redefine the hearing industry.  We owe it to ourselves and to our patients to take back what we have lost.

I am often asked, “Is it too late for Audiologists to take back their industry.”  The easy answer is no; however, the door is quickly closing.  Costco® and other big box chains are growing at a rate much faster than the rest of the hearing industry.  This means that they are taking market share away from other businesses (i.e. private practices, ENT clinics, hospital and university programs).  The longer Audiology waits to join the pricing race the more difficult the hurdle becomes.  Currently, we have the same leaders in terms of hearing aid manufacturers that we’ve had for decades.  However, what would happen if a new player came into the market?  For example, the amount of speculation surrounding Apple® and Samsung® entering the world of hearing aid manufacturing at some point is becoming difficult to ignore.  Who will these technology giants want to negotiate with?  Thousands of individual practices?  Or just a few big box stores with whom they already have established relationships?  What if there was one entity that represented thousands of Audiologists?

“We do not want to work for Costco®.”  We do not want to work for Walmart®.  We earned our degrees to be able to help patients on our terms…not the terms of a big box store that will “roll back” prices on hearing aids.”  You are not alone in this thought!  We need the support of our professional colleagues in order to help reverse the current purchasing trend in our industry.  Start by taking this survey << 6 Questions to Save the Future of Audiology >>.  It helps us to find the critical price point that Audiologists from across the country would need in order to unite the profession.  Help us protect Audiology.  Once secure, we then take back what we have lost.  It all starts with asking the right questions.  Take the survey and be open to the possibility that “Costco®-like” pricing can be achieved for private practices, ENT clinics, hospital and university programs.

If every Audiology clinic was represented by a single organization, we could become the greatest hearing aid purchasing entity in the US.  More than Costco®; more than the VA.  Our purchasing power would dwarf that of big box stores, and our level of service would be what brings all patients back into our clinics.

Is it really the manufacturers fault that they decided to support the fastest growing segment of the hearing industry?  Or is it our fault as Audiologists (and yes I include myself) that we have yet to counteract this change with an answer of our own?  We have the power and ability to take back what we are losing…and then some.  Our service and expertise is unparalleled in the hearing industry.  If we were able to purchase the same products at a fraction of our current cost, imagine what that could do for you and your practice.  Imagine what that could do for hearing aid patients across the country.  Imagine being able to fit a premium product on a patient that could only previously afford entry level technology.  We deserve better.  Our patients deserve better.  Have your voice heard.

The only thing holding us back is our own inactivity.

<< 6 Questions to Save the Future of Audiology >>


*Costco is a trademark name and is owned by Costco
*Walmart is a trademark name and is owned by Walmart
*Apple is a trademark name and is owned by Apple
*Samsung is a trademark name and is owned by Samsung

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